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Welcome to Cedar Falls Community Credit Union!

Cedar Falls Community Credit Union was originally chartered in 1958 as a member-owned financial co-operative serving the needs of a local machinists union.  Membership was extended to other groups of employees over the years until in 1982, CFCCU received a community charter.  Our current field of membership includes individuals who live or work in 20 Iowa counties: Allamakee, Benton, Black Hawk, Bremer, Buchanan, Butler, Chickasaw, Clayton, Delaware, Grundy, Fayette, Floyd, Franklin, Hardin, Howard, Linn, Marshall, Mitchell, Tama and Winneshiek.

  • If you are not a member - we invite you to come - discover the credit union service difference! We offer big services with a personal touch.
  • Does your bank answer their phones? Or do you get lost in the maze of menus?
  • We promise to treat you like a human being, not an account number!
  • CFCCU is a financially strong, LOCAL institution, governed by a Volunteer Board of Directors elected by the members to lead the Credit Union.   To view our current balance sheet Click Here.
  • We look forward to serving you and showing you how this credit union can make a difference in your financial future!
  • Still not convinced?  Check out our own member testimonials below.

Mission Statement

To provide high quality financial products and services that enhance the lives of our members.

Our Commitment Statement

  • Being responsive and oriented to the needs of our members
  • Being an innovative source of high quality financial products and services.
  • Providing an environment for achieving personal excellence and growth for our employees.
  • Managing the financial resources in a manner consistent with the long term objectives established by the Board of Directors

Our Vision Statement

To be recognized by our members, employees, and in the business community for excellence and integrity.


jeanette and kelliJeanette, a new CFCCU member, came to the Cedar Falls Community Credit Union with her parents who have been long-time members of the credit union. Jeanette came in to see if she could get a small auto repair loan and during the process Kelli Aikey, a CFCCU senior loan officer, noticed that she had a personal loan and a vehicle loan financed at another financial institution.  Kelli was able to combine multiple loans into one simple loan, and beat the interest rate of the other institutions.  As a result Jeanette saved over $275.00 a month and a substantial amount of interest charges.

Jeanette not only saved money and lowered her monthly payments at CFCCU but also was able to protect her asset and lifestyle by adding GAP protection, loss of life, and disability.

Kelli said, “I just love being able to find a memberadditional savings beyond what they came into the office looking for.” – it gives me pleasure and it is the credit union way – people helping people.”

Stop by and ask for a loan officer to see how much CFCCU can save you. 

rebecca burr

Rebecca, a member of Cedar Falls Community Credit Union, recently completed the Individual Development Account (IDA) savings program. The IDA Program is a special matched savings account designed to help families build assets and to teach them healthy saving habits. 

Rebecca saved $2,000.00 within a 2 year period and completed financial educational courses offered through Cedar Falls Community Credit Union.  After the completion of her IDA program, Rebecca received a savings match giving her a total of $4,000.00 to help her pay her college tuition expenses at the University of Iowa.     

When Rebecca was asked how her money management habits have changed as a result of this program, she replied, “I have learned how to be more careful in how and what I spend my money on. I really like the idea of having separate accounts for different things, such as splitting paychecks and putting some in a savings account, some in a spending account, and some in an account strictly for bills.”

According to Chad Kaeppel, Vice-President of Lending at Cedar Falls Community Credit Union, “Borrowing to finance higher education has increased drastically over the past two decades and this program helps reduce the amount of money borrowed for a higher education.”

We received the following letter from a member about the service they received:


Ms. Pearce:

I am writing to you to commend one of your workers at the Industrial Park Branch of CFCCU.  Emily was a big help to me getting a check reissued... When I was ready to give up she took the initiative to call the company and explain what had happened.  Due to her professionalism the company reissued a check... Emily is very friendly and helpful when I go into the Credit Union.  Thank you for empoying people like Emily.  It makes me happy to know that my banking needs are as important to you as they are to me.

Here are some testimonials showing how our members feel about their credit union. Do you have a story to share?  Please let us know! Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



Justin and Stacey came to Cedar Falls Community Credit Union with a dream of a bigger house to accommodate their growing family and Stacey’s expanding home day care business.  CFCCU was able to help make their dream a reality by offering them construction financing at an attractive rate. Being a handy man, Justin worked hard to build their new addition.  With Stacey’s supervision and CFCCU financing, Justin and Stacey are now living their dream.


On December 31st, 2014 there was a glitch in the UNI Employees electronic payroll processing. Once the dust cleared we received this nice note.

January 5,2015

Cedar Falls Community Credit Union

Dear Danelle,

On behalf of UNI and our employees we would like to thank you for your efforts to get our employee payroll checks deposited on Wednesday, December 31. Your efforts, and those of your staff, are truly commendable, and are an indication of the great partnership we share. Your willingness to work past closing time and later into the evening is just another example of the exceptional customer service we know our employees receive from you regularly. Please accept these chocolates as a token of our appreciation for the extra time and effort you spent helping us rectify an unfortunate situation for our employees.

Thank you again for your partnership and excellent service.


 Kelly, Director of Business Operations - Michael, D.B.A, Senior Vice President, Administration and Financial Services

Carl 'n Carol - in Their Own Words

I have been with Cedar Falls Community Credit Union for over 30 years. I am a member, my parents are members, and my sister is a member. When I visit the credit union I am always treated like family. People are friendly and easy to talk too. They listen to what I need and then go about helping me, with a smile on their face. Cedar Falls Community Credit Union was the first financial institution who gave me a loan on my own and since then every time I’ve needed help they have worked with me.

My name is Polly and I am at home with Cedar Falls Community Credit Union.  In Her Own Words.

I moved recently and had to deal with several banking issues. Every time I called or visited Cedar Falls Community Credit Union the member service people showed genuine patience. There is nothing more powerful than having a person who genuinely cares help you with your financial dealings. Why do I do business with Cedar Falls Community Credit Union? Because they treat me as a member of the family and when I walk in the door it’s just like being home, and in my home people care about me.

My name is Donna and I am at home with Cedar Falls Community Credit Union. In her Own words.

 "The lndividual Development Account program has been a great experience for my daughter, Rebecca, and l. We have both been saving with the IDA Program since February 2013, and we are quickly approaching our goal. We will be using the matched IDA funds, along with our savings, to pay for Rebecca's college courses. The IDA program offered through Cedar Falls Community Credit Union was the perfect fit for us, as we were unsure how we would pay for Rebecca's schooling. Not only is this program beneficial in helping us cover the high costs of postsecondary education, but with the help of the financial education classes associated with the program, it is teaching my daughter and l, the importance of saving, maintaining a good credit score, and practicing good spending habits. All things that will lead us to a life of financial stability! Thank you Cedar Falls Community Credit Union, the lowa Credit Union Foundation, and State Legislators, for making college for my daughter a reality, rather than a dream!"

- Jackie, CFCCU Member

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