Gift Cards at a Glance:

VISA Gift Card


ATIRA Reload VISA Card

 gift card

 Cedar Falls CCU reload green card

  • Gift giving isn’t easy.
  • Get ease, convenience and safety of plastic without the risk of fraud.
  • Stop stressing over the perfect gift.
  • A VISA reloadable prepaid card you can be used almost anywhere VISA Debit is accepted.
  • Get the perfecct gift…the VISA GIFT Card.
  • Gain Access to ATMs.
  • It’s never the wrong size or color.
  •  Make Every day purchases.
  • The Card can be used almost anywhere the VISA Logo is displayed.
  •  Reload your card online or at a merchant.
  • The VISA gift card is safe!
  •  You keep track of your transactions and balances online, reload your cad and use it again.
  • Register the card at and keep track of transactions and balances.
  •  The POWER of Plastic without the risk of debt.

*There are some countries in which you will not be able to use your CFCCU cards. These countries are either blocked due to excessive fraud or are sanctioned countries ordered by OFAC (U.S. Department of the Treasury Office of Foreign Assets Control). To view a full list of these countries, click here.

If Lost or stolen, the unspent amount on the card can be replaced

Purchase at any CFCCU Branch Location