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Bad Guys Are Hard At Work

fraud alertIt’s that time of year – Bad Guys working overtime to separate people from their honestly-earned money with dishonest tactics. 

One of the latest is the bad guys call you and tell you that your utility bill has not been paid and is overdue.  You are told you need to pay $1,582 (or a number similar) or your power will be shut off within the hour. You can pay with a credit card, iTunes card, or any other prepaid card.

It’s important to use common sense when receiving calls such as this:

  • Never give out credit card or banking information over the phone.
  • Everyone should realize that any caller asking for money and wants you to get a pre-paid card (iTunes, Home Depot, etc.) and give them the information over the phone is trying to take your money. What is a utility company going to do with iTunes credit (listen while they work)?
  • Anyone with concerns about their electric or any other utility service, should hang up when the person calling asks for money and contact the utility the caller was claiming to represent.


As long as we talking about Bad Guys and what they are up to – here are a couple of favorite scams to be aware of:

  • The IRS calls and threaten to take you to jail for your unpaid tax bill. A reminder – the IRS doesn’t call and threaten you with arrest. And they certainly don’t take Target Cards, Home Depot Cards, iTunes Cards or a credit card over the phone to settle your debt.   
  • Your grandchild is not in jail.  The Sheriff doesn’t take iTunes Cards or credit cards for bail.
  • The guy calling from Microsoft is not from Microsoft and he’s not going to fix your computer.
  • The credit union or bank is not going to call you and offer to take a credit card or iTunes card as payment for a delinquent loan payment.

As the bad guys step up their efforts during the season of giving we need to step up our efforts and not GIVE THEM our money.  Protect yourself. Be vigilant.

With that said – have a very merry Christmas and happy new year. 

My new year wish for you is that you are not separated from your hard earned money by a bad guy working overtime.


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