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The Courier Best of the Best 2018

It’s that time of year again for the Waterloo Cedar Falls Courier “Best of the Best” voting. The Cedar Falls Community Credit Union has been an honorable mention the last 15 out 15 years that the voting has been conducted.

This is important to us because we want the Cedar Falls Community Credit Union to be known in the Cedar Valley as the place to go in order to handle your financial services. If you've had a positive experience with Cedar Falls Community Credit Union, please go and vote to help let the rest of the Cedar Valley know.

Also, if you have a favorite teller or loan officer you may write their name in on the ballot to show appreciation for their services as well. The link provided below will take you to the online voting for "Week 1: Services, People, and Medical" categories, which ends this Sunday, June 17th at noon. Make sure to vote for your other favorite services in the Cedar Valley, the categories will change every Sunday.  



Thanks for your consideration and we look forward to seeing you soon. Don’t forget to stop in and check out our summer loan offers, and get your Adventureland or Lost Island tickets that we have for sale.  

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