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bolt banner2WE NOW HAVE SHAZAM BOLT$...

SHAZAM BOLT$ allows cardholders to do the following:
•View balance information for a primary account attached to a debit card
•Receive transaction alerts in the SHAZAM BOLT$ application
•Receive suspected fraud alerts
•Set up alerts for transactions exceeding a certain dollar amount, card-not-present transactions, and international transactions

SHAZAM BOLT$ also allows cardholders to take control of their account using transaction control. With transaction control, if your card is lost or stolen, or you just want to pause it while traveling, you can block or unblock your card with the quick tap of a button.

SHAZAM BOLT$ is available as a mobile application and online. The mobile application is available for free download from the iTunes® App Store or Google Play™.

Note:  There is no fee to use SHAZAM BOLT$. SHAZAM BOLT$ does not operate on voice over IP (VoIP), international numbers, or prepaid devices.

Cardholders can access SHAZAM BOLT$ from a personal computer (PC) or laptop at https://disclaimer.php?url=bolts.shazam.net/ShazamWebPortal/index.php. SHAZAM BOLT$ offers the same features whether accessed from a mobile device, PC, or laptop using the following Web browsers:
•Mozilla Firefox®
•Windows® Internet Explorer®
•Apple® Safari®

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