Whether it’s madness or sadness, upsets or buzzer beaters, it’s sure to be an exciting tournament, but will these three friends make it through it?

Madness vs. Sadness

Emotions run high during the tournament, but which one would you prefer? The madness or the sadness? Looks like Bethany prefers the madness.

Bracket Busted

Sometimes we get lucky. Other times we actually know what we are doing when we fill out our brackets. Then there is Stan. Stan just picks all of the teams that are not supposed to win. 

The F_____ Four

Sometimes people can read a little too far into a name but sometimes, the given name is the best option. 

Clear the room

We all have that one friend. You know, the one that has a way with clearing the room just by what he eats. Frank here, is that friend. 

Why are we still watching?

Some people love college basketball so much they will watch the tournament no matter who is in it. Others just like the colors of the jerseys. And then there is Stan. He just wants to watch in peace.

The Underdogs win!

Upsets come in many forms, buzzer beaters, blowouts, you name it, but one thing is for sure to accompany every upset, that friend that will rub it in your face.

Late for work

We know the tournament has been a good one, but make sure you are getting to work on time. Daylight savings did just occur, even if Frank got a little confused on which way to turn his clock.

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