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Finding adventure has never been easier.

You live in the midwest for a reason, so why not take advantage of the great outdoors? CFCCU offers stress-free financing on RVs, fifth-wheels, boats, ATVs, golf carts and more.

With our low rates and flexible terms, you can spend more time enjoying life outdoors and less time worrying about your loan.

CFCCU Recreation Calculator

Recreation Loans

Includes: off road motorcycles, UTV's, ATV's jet skis w/trailers, and snowmobiles

New 2019 & Newer Model Year

Loan Term
72 Months¹⁰
APR¹ as low as

¹⁰Loan amount must exceed $10,000 for 72-month term

EXAMPLE: A $15,000 loan $0 down, for a term of 72 months with a 6.50% APR¹, the monthly payment will be $253.

2015-2016 Model Year

Loan Term
48 Months
APR¹ as low as

2017-2018 Model Year

Loan Term
60 Months
APR¹ as low as

2014 & Older Model Year

Loan Term
36 Months
APR¹ as low as

Consumer Goods

Includes: fold-down campers, garden tractors, mopeds, scooters, computers, household good, and appliances 

New Consumer Goods

Loan Term
36 months
48 months
APR¹ (20% Down) as low as
APR¹ (0% Down) as low as

EXAMPLE: A $15,000 loan with 20% down ($12,000 financed) for a term of 36 months with a 7.65% APR¹, the monthly payment will be $375.

EXAMPLE: A $15,000 loan with no money down for a term of 36 months with a 8.65% APR¹, the monthly payment will be $475.

Used Consumer Goods

Loan Term
24 months
36 months
APR¹ (Wholesale) as low as
APR¹ (Retail) as low as

All loans are subject to approval. Rates, terms, and conditions are subject to change. Up to NADA retail.

¹APR – The Annual Percentage Rate is a variable rate and is subject to change without notice.

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